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Top 10 Ways in 10 Days

To Bloom and GrowYour Conscious Business.

In this e-book, you‟ll get information you can put to use right away, today and every day for the next ten days. In addition to sharing ways you can develop a Professional Moneta Money Goddess Mindset, I’m including high value done-4-you Manifestation Must-Have Handouts and the type of on-the-spot strategic and tactical advice my clients happily pay to receive.

Yes, send my copy today!

Inside these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access the ancient Roman money goddess, Juno Moneta, to get real life strategies for the 21st century
  • Assess your money goddess mindset and magnify your ability to manifest
  • Become a networking goddess
  • Craft a divine calling card
  • Enhance your emails to multiply peace and prosperity
  • Shift your inner truth to change your outer reality
  • Save save money online
  • Spread news and good fortune to enhance your brand
  • Speak clearly to your clients in ways that resonate
  • Use your intuition to predict your outcomes
  • Work from a heart-centered place to shift negative beliefs
  • Give yourself permission to receive

This work is a hands-on workbook encouraging you to respond to the material personally and authentically in order to breathe new life into your spiritual business.

We’d love to hear your comments and insights or requests for “more!” Plus, in the back of the book you’ll find a special offer just for you. If this work resonates with you, we hope you’ll take advantage of this limited opportunity!

Thank you so much for supporting Professional Moneta International. We hope you’ll allow us to support you, and other spiritual entrepreneurs like you, as we take back our power through our relationships with money and the divine.

Abundant Blessings,

Sherri Moneta

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