Ever wish you had a publicity fairy who could wave a magic wand and Voila! Your

  • heart’s desire would manifest
  • goose will lay more golden eggs
  • just say what you want, and it appears
  • brand really represents your brilliance
  • your yellow brick road ribbons before you
  • magic mirror shows you’re the fairest of them all
  • decipher the secret communication codes of SEO and ROI
  • personal story drives your success
  • publicity problems get solved with ease and grace
  • clock works for you, not against you
  • marketing, pr, media & content plans work like magic
  • self-promotions sparkle with fairy dust
  • dreams grow wings and take flight

Professional Moneta International happily offers marketing public relations boutique services which meet industry professional standards for best practices, and exceeds your personal standards for magic and magnetism.

Worthy divine feminine business leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to bloom & grow are welcome. It’s recommended you’re out of the “start-up” phase of your business, and ready to kick some airy fairy butt.

Here are Sherri’s Top 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need PR.

For a grounded, all business human approach, jump over to McLendon Bylines for a mundane overview of Sherri’s real-world credentials and otherworldly work samples. But if you want to skip ahead to talk with Sherri Moneta (the Goddess’ preferred Publicity Fairy), she’ll listen to the wishes you make upon stars, then starts making them come true.

Email, and ask for a bit of “star time” to create fantastical magic in your life and life’s work.

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