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Professional Moneta Marketing provides high value content creation and publication for health, sustainability and eco- conscious brands, so they maximize the performance and results that content is proven to deliver. We use data-driven decision making, value-based inbound strategies, and proven team to originate content tactics and strategies. Our work is known to generate leads, increase sales, and measurably return on investment.

Our favorite clients are brand leaders, change agents, and visionaries who envision ways of working that help others live healthy and well, that improve the environment or protect it, and that affect change through concious relationship to people and the planet. Sharing those stories and milestones is a privilege and an honor.

Founding Director Sherri McLendon designs and implements quality content strategies and tactics that sustainable, resilient brands need to survive and thrive today. Working with an exceptional team of proven, award winning leaders and writers, she acts as our brand newsroom managing editor and publisher. Working independently or with members of your team, she determines how to advance compelling content at each stage of the customer journey and grow impact and resources while leading from a place of service. 

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The Origins of Moneta: Our Agency’s History and Name

In February 2021, Professional Moneta Marketing relaunched as a hybrid content and digital agency.

Professional Moneta Marketing stakes its name from the ancient Roman prosperity goddess, Juno Moneta. Ancient Roman coins were first minted in the base of the Moneta temple at the heart of the Empire. The coins were called “Monetae.” An early version of our logo featured a diadem, or crown, often depicted in images of Juno Moneta, underlining the then-prevalent theme that “content is king.” In 2021, we chose instead to highlight the transformational nature of high return content. We chose as our inspiration the butterfly species “Moneta,” so creatively named for the “coins” that appear on its wings. Today, the Professional Moneta Marketing brand logo contains our interpretation of a transformational Moneta butterfly. Transformational content will always remain at the heart of our business.

An earlier version of the brand was Professional Moneta International, which launched on November 29, 2010, in Weaverville, N.C. From the beginning, Professional Moneta utilized remote teams and virtual spaces as a primary means of service delivery, with clients across the United States and Canada. International news from PMI was launched nationally and abroad, covering events in Dubai and Zambia, among other nations. In 2012, Professional Moneta was a finalist for a Startup of the Year award by TechVibes. From 2010-2020, Professional Moneta served a range of corporate brands in healthcare, environmental services, pharmaceutical SAAS, health and wellness book authors, and eco-friendly entrepreneurs. The marketing consultancy offered additional content creation and distribution services to its clients.

Biographical Highlights of Founding Director Sherri L. McLendon, MA

Founding Director Sherri L. McLendon offers more than 20 years of well-rounded professional marketing public relations, journalism and mass communications experience.

A writer and editor by training as well as inclination, McLendon holds a respected MA in journalism and mass communication from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia (2004). Professional certifications include content marketing and email marketing by Digital Marketer  (2018), Niche Breakthrough Secrets by the International Association of Women in Business Coaching (2011), and the Money Breakthrough Method (2012), among others. She is also a certified communications educator in the State of Georgia (2024).


Her an extensive, award-winning background includes recognitions for leadership,communications and public speaking. In 2021-22, she serves as president of the Board of Directors for Henry W. Grady High School’s G3 Robotics Program.


McLendon remained a recognized business leader in Asheville and Western North Carolina after relocating to the area from 2006-2020. She served as 2011 and 2010 president of Public Relations of Western North Carolina and was a 2009 board member. She is a former president of the Asheville Chapter of the National Organization for Women, 2015, and vice-president, 2014. She was also a columnist for WNC Woman Magazine from 2013-2016. In 2012, McLendon participated in a University of North Carolina-Asheville expert panel on Ethical Issues in Today’s Media. In 2010, she was featured on “My Weaverville,” “Young Professional of the Week” in the Asheville Citizen-Times. She was also featured in the national social media video campaign for Mutual of Omaha in “Aha! Moment: Creative Power”, and was featured as an entrepreneurial success story by six-figure marketing coach, Elizabeth Purvis, The Marketing Goddess.

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