Abundant Thoughts: Why Tolerance is No Longer Tolerable

Widely considered a noble concept as a social movement, tolerance takes on a whole new meaning from a divine feminine perspective of value.  Here’s what I mean.
Back when I was teaching, I spoke a lot about tolerance, mainly because I found social, cultural, religious, or ethnic intolerance so painful to tolerate.
But yesterday, in the Money Mirrors virtual retreat with my coach Elizabeth Purvis and colleagues in Goddess Business School, something about tolerance really sank in for the first time.

Life is full of things we tolerate until they become such that we can no longer stand them.

How long do we wait to make a change? Until we can no longer see the roses for the thorns.
Too often, when we ask how another human being feels, how their life is going, they say “tolerable.” It’s a Southern thing. A middle class thing. A working class thing. I’ve heard it all my life. So have a lot of us. Tolerable is not good, not bad. Somewhere in between. Somewhere in Limbo. Not happy, not sad enough to do anything about it. Tolerable is something a lot of us come to expect. We come to mistakenly believe tolerable is acceptable.

In the name of all that is divine in the universe, I invite you to stop, right now, and make a list of all the things you tolerate in your life. In what areas are you “putting up with,” “marking time,” or “suffering through?” I bet more than you’d like. 

I have to ask, so just nod your head if this is correct: Are these also the reasons you’re not living your soul’s purpose?

What’s on your list? Is it a soul-sucking job? A relationship gone sour? A friend always in need but not in deed? Or a habit of trying to do everything ourselves? What is the impact of that in your life? What is it we’re tolerating that’s costing us flow (money), life force (energy), and time (our only non-renewable resource)?
What, and how much.
Now, consider the cost to you of allowing it to continue. Add up the numbers, calculate the hours. What is it worth to you? What would you gain if you no longer tolerated the things  you find painful? How would it feel to you to be free of those things? These are questions deserving of honest answers.
“Behavior is driven by beliefs,” Elizabeth says. And she’s right. The change we need to be in the world suddenly becomes obvious when we look at the things we tolerate. To be the change, we must take a clear decisive action. When we take it, we have the honor of forming a new belief about ourselves and our value. We have the choice to change our beliefs about our worthiness, and act accordingly.
When we make decisions and take action, it’s a lot easier to stop and smell the roses along the way because now we’re going somewhere!
What are you tolerating in your life? What action can you take to be the change you wish to see? In making that change, decisively, what do you say about your Self?
Please share your thoughts and feelings below.
Abundant Blessings,


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