Attracting Quality Clients with Grace & Ease

When you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, in service to your calling through your business, the conscious cultivation of grace and ease in your personal life actually helps attract the quality and quantity of clients you desire into your world. When we talk about “raising your vibration” to attract quality clients, it’s necessary to ground your work in the real world. As with some spiritual practices and types of energy work, many practitioners mistakenly assume only the upper chakras come into energetic play when raising one’s individual vibration and resonance. In reality, grounding your work in the real world requires working energetically with the lower chakras, beginning with the base chakra.

Here are 3 ways you can do to raise your vibration from the ground up:

Berries are a radical self care treat.

1. Indulge in Radical Self Care

Radical self care means putting yourself first, consciously choosing to do whatever brings you emotional comfort or makes you feel good physically and emotionally. Take a look at your relationship with food, your appearances, your indulgences. Do they make you feel like the highest and best version of your self, or are you subconsciously sabotaging your well being? Support yourself with long baths, massage, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and herbal teas, or whatever it is your spirit craves. Increase at the ground level requires nurture and patience. If you feel better, you’ll resonate at a higher frequency and attract clients at that new level.

2. Express Gratitude Daily

Every night before bedtime, make a list of everything you’re grateful for, and say “thank you” to the universe. Often, our prayers are requests; gratitudes express appreciation for the abundance in life. If you wish to call in abundance, including more clients, a grateful acknowledgement of the abundance already flowing into your life is the way to go. Plus, when you get discouraged, you can look back over your gratitude journal for inspiration and reminders that the universe really does support you and your growth.

3. Move Expressively

In Feng Shui, wealth is situated in the “hips,” the sacral chakra. To call in wealth, rejoice through music and movement. One of the most effective ways to do this is to set an intention, choose music which speaks to you, then dance the elements. Earth rhythms, such as drums, wake up your connection to your foundations, and your inner masculine. In Air, the winds of wealth bring opportunity, empowerment, abundance, fortunate blessings, and the ability to receive prosperity. Water adds currency and harmony to our dance. When we move our hips gently, allowing the roundness of the natural sway and undulation of the feminine, we unfurl our gift of manifestation the way a garden begins to offer the fruits of summer. The dance itself awakens our passions, activates our intentions, and the pelvis becomes a crucible for creativity – the seat of the divine feminine’s true source of abundance. Unify your experience with your spiritual path by writing down your insights, and meditating or visioning your future outcomes.

When you feel grace and ease, and allow beauty and joy room to grow in your everyday life, the clients who are attracted to you are those who do the same.

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