Celebrating Growth & Change! Come to our event June 26

I’m so excited. First, I want to invite you to my *new* office warming and “International Flavors” wine tasting on the evening of the last Friday in June, the 26th.

I really hope you can come celebrate with me and my suite-mate, Elspeth Brown, at Maggie B’s, 10 South Main Street, Weaverville.

I’m in Suite 1, and Elspeth’s exceptional wine and specialty shop resides in Suite 2.

We’re combining our efforts into a celebration of my location of my business in this lovely office space. My space overlooks the Main Street Nature Park, and I’m loving the mix of bustling activity and quietude as-needed.

I can’t wait for you to see my fun and functional work space! Yes, a formal invitation will arrive later, but I just couldn’t wait one moment longer to share.

In the Moneta Mix: Spring has Sprung

Spring is in the air, and everything’s growing, including me.

Chances are, you know me for my personal work and coaching around the divine feminine and its role in our relationship to money in our business and life. Up until now, that work has expressed itself on the Professional Moneta website/blog and through a popular column I write for WNC Woman Magazine. This week, we’re changing the url for that website to reflect “Women, Spirit & Money,” really just honoring what IS. We’ll keep you posted with updated information and links in the near future.

The Professional Moneta International site is shifting over to the marketing public relations and content strategy work that I perform for my business clients (and for my coaching clients at an advantageous private insider rate). That new website is nearing completion, as are portfolios of my work and Curriculum Vitae for exceptional executives and entrepreneurs to review. I’m excited to step more fully into this phase of my business and more fully into my power as a feminine leader within my profession.

Mercury retrograde this round hasn’t been the most fun I’ve ever had, but the deep inner work and ensuing expression of my core self have been truly rewarding. My focus has shifted from more-ness to full-ness, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. I’m feeling energized in a way I haven’t in a long time.

As part of our month-long Celebration!, I’m going a bit crazy with the high value, low investment limited time specials. If you – or someone you know – can benefit from these offers, act now! It’s a one time thing. Like seeing a fairy in your flower garden. Rare.  Here’s your copy of this post PLUS three exclusive offers.

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