Sherri helps conscious business coaching clients achieve revenue and growth goals through focused niche marketing strategies designed to attract more clients, build reputation, and design the business of their dreams.

Leverage Your Expertise: Personal Branding 101

Strategically position your unique brilliance to enhance your reputation, grow your income, and increase your client base with business coaching designed to “Leverage Your Expertise.”

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect if you choose to explore a coaching relationship with Sherri and the Professional Moneta team to grow your reputation, personal brand, and income:


Jump start your strategy with Gifts found on our website.


  • Learn to create a competitive edge by improving specific key aspects of your personal brand and positioning right now
  • Set yourself up for success with the integration of marketing, public relations, next generation social media, and other client-building outreach methods in your business
  • Focus on the creation of highly leveraged income streams that generate more revenue with less work
  • Assess your current marketing materials, and move to a communications model which allows you to give fully to your clients, help more people, and make more money
  • Take time and energy and wasted capital out of your learning curve
  • Make clear decisions about what pieces you will implement, and where you will need help
  • Create an action plan of next steps to implement the changes you desire
  • Create generous cash flow as you enroll new clients into your programs and services
  • Continue healing the conflict between being authentic, spiritual and making great money
  • Step fully into your purpose and dreams, and go for what you really want in your life and business

This program is designed to build your personal brand in order to increase its value to others. I deliver a high level of personal mentoring, collaboration, coaching, strategy, accountability and support so that you accelerate to your next level of success.  It is my commitment to help you Leverage Your Expertise to grow your business, your way.


I’ve designed this program so that I can be YOUR personal brand consultant, not simply a coach. You’ll have generous time with me, with MY creativity and trained “marketing public relations mind” focused on YOU… You’ll also get plenty of resources and tools to help you implement quickly and consistently – without having to re-invent the wheel.

Most importantly, you’ll receive support you in taking actions in alignment with your brilliance, essence and business vision. RESULTS are what you are investing in; expect me to celebrate with you  as you step into your brilliance.

Your Private Leverage Your Expertise Personal Branding Package Will Include:

  • Your “Done with You” Assessment
  • A Personalized Action Plan to grow your brand, fast
  • Intensive, customized conscious business strategy and coaching in a focused private coaching session monthly  or semi-monthly from a heart-centered perspective
  • Weekly Accountability Journal
  • Private email access to Sherri
  • Content, tricks, & insider tips gleaned from my 20+ years of professional marketing, public relations, media and mass communications practice in the public, non-profit and private sectors.
  • Special money mindset and presence based movement exercises designed to transform your personal energy so you can do money and marketing differently.
  • Unique done-with-you expert mini-training focused on your needs
  • Plus current special bonus goodies I offer my clients because I love them!
  • Choose from 6, 9 and 12 month packages tailored to help you transform your experience of your business.

Leverage Your Expertise can be delivered by phone, virtually, or in person. Email Sherri to see if private coaching is right for you.


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