“I experience business as a dance between being and becoming. Everything we need to know about money is encoded in the body.”

– Sherri L. McLendon, MA, Instagram

What inspires you, moves you to action?

For me, dance and writing are my most powerful creative tools, perhaps because each sources from the breath: inspiration, in; aspiration, out.

My two earliest memories of pure joy are of dancing in my mother’s arms, twirling in sunlight, and sitting at the round oak table in our kitchen, learning to write. But, I often ignore these earliest lessons of body and soul. Focusing on the wrong things means my mind goes into overdrive, and I lose my creative edge.

I suspect I’m not alone. Especially now that I’m beginning to notice changes in my body that come with age.

My work with dance is intended for individuals who choose to access their body and soul knowledge so they can express their highest and best potentials – at any age or level of ability.

Do you ever ignore deep knowing in order to keep going?

Because I started – and studied – life first as a dancer, second as a writer and communications professional, I know that authentic human response – like resonant language – always begins in the body.

Now, I’m coming to deeply understand that the source material for great life experiences and aligned business marketing already lies within the scope of our knowledge. We simply need the means to access this wealth carried with our bodies, minds, and souls – then use it to transform our reality.

Beginner’s Intuitive Breath Work

I invite you to stop reading, thinking, and doing for just a moment. Place your hands in our lap, close your eyes, and place your attention on taking few slow, deep breaths. Ask yourself whether this work feels truthful to you, or if it would benefit someone you know.

If the answer is “yes,” then slip over to our contact page and ask to connect.


Dance Resources

“The Role of Dance as a Workshop Tool,” April 11, 2011, for Lisa Michael’s Natural Rhythms.


Sherri’s 2011 experiential workshop incorporated movement and chakras, identifying money messages individuals carry within the body.

Dance History

Sherri studied dance education, performance, and choreography at the University of Georgia, 1986-1991, with periodic returns to the studio between 1992-2000. Performed with Concert Dance Company; debuted original works in Young Choreographer’s Series. Over the years, privileged to take class with Anna Sokolow, Lee Theodore’s American Dance Machine, Alvin Ailey Company, Jose Limon Company, and other exceptional dance personages. One dance scholar said in hindsight that Sherri was one of the most influential dance critics in the southeastern United States for her work in the 1993-2003. Eventually, Sherri began working with cultural, ecstatic, and sacred dance as transformation experiences, and studied Sacred Dance Facilitation with Lisa Michaels, Atlanta, in 2010. Even today, she misses a life organized around time at the barre.

Dance articles cited in “Attitudes and Arabesques,” by Leslie Gertz, 2000, pp 29, 32, and 73.

Dance writings and criticism available online may be viewed in my portfolio at