Divine Inspiration: Growing Your Business Can Be Spirit-Rich

Metaphorically speaking, growing a business is a lot like growing a garden. You till the soil, prepare additives, check the composition, and spread seeds. The seeds germinate, putting down roots drinking in the rains, and leaves stretching for the sun. When potential is reached, blooms burst forth. The fruits of one’s labors follow, and if all goes well, there’s enough bounty in the harvest to sustain us during a period of deserved rest.

Sherri Moneta enjoys a relaxed afternoon at the West Asheville, N.C., Garden Stroll.

The natural cycle of Gaia’s growing season mirrors the divine feminine cycle of manifestation, of bringing vision into form into abundance. As women for whom our heart-and-soul centered businesses are a spiritual path, it’s important we recognize the Goddess in our relationship with our higher selves. I consciously chose to align my own work with the goddess archetype of Moneta, the ancient Roman money goddess, and other prosperity archetypes, in my role as a marketing mentor and coach. I know in my bones, Moneta and her sisters have much to teach us about the sacred role of money and the mindset of a divine feminine leader. As for Moneta herself, she is focused, self-assured, a powerful communicator whose memories have meaning and whose warnings protect resources. Moneta is self-love, intuition, and fully realized woman power. Certainly a model to aspire to.

Why on Earth would you want to introduce divine feminine spirituality into your business? First, it honors the natural cycles of life and nature. Value transforms “worth.” Value is where we place it, nnot where we price it. Our work benefits the collective when sourced from a true desire to be of service. You can choose to abandon dollars for hours models. Unwavering focus gives way to the flow of resources; the individual networks and collaborates in order to enhance the flow of resources for us all.  Inspired by our own creations, mistakes yield to not to self-doubt, but to opportunities for growth and abundance. We celebrate every action which draws us closer to our callings. Our experiences are transformative, and everything we touch – and she touches – changes.

Phases of a Spiritually Aligned Business

A divinely inspired business is powerful indeed.

Any prosperity goddess might suggest a spiritually aligned business develops in phases. Frequently, the spiritual entrepreneurs among us choose to plant their own gardens, sowing seeds of joy, passion, love, and aliveness into the fertile soil of transformation. And that’s where I come in, as a Moneta marketing mentor, ushering in consistent, conscious cultivation of the divine aspects of manifestation for my clients. Placing attention on mindset, and questioning the common sense taken for granted assumptions about the way the world works. Because in the rapidly moving 21st century, that’s really the way it USED to work. But, as the masculine model has always been about using power to maintain the status quo, the feminine conversely invites and welcomes change as the only constant. Huge potentiality lies in change, and in transformation lies the ability to step fully into our power and embodied aliveness.

Women who choose to work with me can expect something a bit unusual. I’m a classically trained communicator with respected professional experience: journalism, marketing, public relations, and education. On the flip side of the coin, I’m also a trained spiritual facilitator, who understands how to work effectively and inclusively, moving from system to system as needed to PATTERN the flow of communication in specific ways to assist my clients as they effect multi-dimensional reality. In essence, I specialize in source-centered communications to bring potential into being through aligned action. It’s not really something you come across very often, someone who switches back and forth effortlessly the way I do, between spirit and body, dance and metaphor, technology and tactic. I offer my uniqueness in this regard in gratitude and service. Those of us who birth or midwife the future have much work to do. Together, we may celebrate the future as we create it.

Every Thing Has a Season

In growing business, as in growing a garden, timing is everything, and everything has a season.

In Spring, as a Moneta, my goal is to serve my clients as they seed their vision in the material world, aligning practices with their core values in order to attract the abundance they desire. I help my clients clear the fallow ground of worry, repetition, and loss. Together, we prepare New Earth to receive abundance in all its forms through clearing old money stories and shifting mindset in order to crystallize intention.

Summer sees our divine feminine and masculine selves come together so that we may intuit the actions needed in order to activate our intentions. We marry or integrate these parts of ourselves. We implement the alignment of our inner world with the outer in the mysteries of ‘As within, so without.’ Principles of business practice approached from the well of heart-centered inner knowing take on a special significance. In the Moneta tradition, I hold space for my clients to open to receive, increase their account-ability, and enact specific strategies taking them ever closer to realization.

After Midsummer, the Moneta garden is in full bloom, and the realization phase is at hand. We grow our ability to help more, and do more. Continuity is ensured as everything grows, prospers, and increases. The feeling of divine flow and limitlessness of resources is easily tapped into at our roots, moving through all we create.

As Autumn approaches, and harvest of the fruits of our labor are at hand, we embrace sustainability. Learning to prepare for Winter periods of rest, restoration, and replenishment are part of the Moneta mindset. Planning our response to the natural ebb and flow, wax and wane of our businesses and our lives helps us to set a steady course for the horizon. We are the future becoming. And so it is.

So be it.






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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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