Enlarge Perspective to Grow Your Holistic, Heart-centered Business in 2012

Step out of your comfort zone lately?

Yoda: 'Yes It is So'

The question seems counter-intuitive to me in winter, when I want to surround myself in warmth and comfort, put on a pot of tea, and seek answers inside the cup. But at the same time, the steeping and stewing reminds me to enlarge my perspective.

Enlarging my perspective is a key factor in growing my business. Perspective is the place where my intuition meets manifestation, where my insights are incorporated into my plan. Those women who carry the medicine of the red-tail hawk will understand what I mean from a shamanic point of view. In science, recent studies suggest this is related to something called “fluid intelligence,” one’s ability to incorporate 5 elements of learning into everyday life. According to Andrea Kuszewski, in an editorial for Scientific American, these suggest one needs to:

1. Seek Novelty

2. Challenge Yourself

3. Think Creatively

4. Do Things the Hard Way

5. Network

When I saw this listing, I had a flash of recognition. These criteria are very similar to those I use when choosing a mentor, or recommend to others thinking of working with me or someone else. These criteria work whether test-driving a program, considering a course of study, or purchasing a product.

Here are the questions I ask, checking in with my higher self before answering.

  • Is the opportunity filled with new experiences which will ask you to stretch a little bit outside your comfort zone?
  • Will you need to think creatively, take a look at shifting your mindset so you can shift your potentials?
  • Will you be asked to hold yourself accountable for making decisions and taking actions? How?
  • Could this opportunity lead you to new contact with who are successful in your field and with whom you align vibrationally?

If the answers to these questions are yes, the potential for growth at all levels remains high. In the words of the fortune-telling Yoda sitting on my desk, “Yes, it is so.”

What’s the one question which makes or breaks your success? Here it is. Are you REALLY ready for the transformation to occur? Because if your mouth says “yes,” and your actions say “no,” then you can expect more of the same. Therefore, your very best choice for an investment in yourself is the one which holds you to “yes” when your fears get in the way. Your best choice leads you to your heart’s desire.

So be it.

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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