Facing Challenges & Looking for Meaning

As you may be aware, I’ve recently struggled with problems with my lower back, working to restore a sense of health and balance. The experience carries a valuable reminder that mindset and alignment – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – are important areas of awareness.

Accessing the information stored in the body allows me to move through the challenges limiting my actions in the world. Its message of “resting and gathering” made it possible for me to honor a presentation agreement in Chapel Hill, N.C., this week. Now that I’ve met the commitment, it’s time to regroup.

In The Anatomy of Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, Carolyn Myss reminds us that the misdirection of spirit has consequences for our bodies and in our lives. I get this reality, I really do, and if my body in alignment shows ‘right’ action, then my body out of alignment can also show where I went off course, the ‘misdirection.’ Taking the wrong turn, metaphysically speaking, can lead to a dis-integrated body, not integrated, which erodes the base of our physical power, our ability to take action in the world.

For me, the problem in my lower back, centered around the locus of family, tribe, and ancestors, is particularly poignant the week of Samhain and El Dia de los Muertos, a time when I am usually more reflective on the whole. But this year, the reflection has occurred due to my personal dis-integration of the seat of my power, and as a result I’ve come face to face with my own fears:

What if my back never improves?

What if I will lack money and resources?

What if I never get to live closer to my family than I do right now?

What if my health will only decline from here?

What if my work in the world doesn’t matter?

What if I am powerless on all levels: economically, culturally, socially, bodily, worldly?

What if my faith in a divine source proves groundless?

What beliefs about my ancestors, family and tribe do I need to transform in order to heal?

This week, I’ve had several friends confide to me they’re in the middle of a crisis of faith about their life and business. They question who or what they have faith in, they’ve grieved losses emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. At a time when we normally offer gratitude for our life’s experiences, I’m finding many of us are also seeking meaning and value which transcends our former understandings. We are all committed to healing.

To renew our faith in the face of the tests of the waning of the old economic structures of the past, we are being asked to release the parts of the past which do not serve us. We’re being asked to clarify and revive our spirits, be fully conscious and present in the now. We’re asked to bring things into being in this present time through our gifts of visualization, through our requests for support from the universe whether through contemplative prayer or conscious dance. As we offer these practices, we’ll  be able to reset our spiritual direction to enhance our body and life experiences of our Being-ness. We will reintegrate the pieces of our base which empower us to take action in the world which makes it possible to support ourselves.

Blessings to you on this day. I’d love to hear how the transition window at this time has been treating you.

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2 thoughts on “Facing Challenges & Looking for Meaning

  1. Sherri – TOTALLY, Totally, totally understand this blog post! Just recently I had an accident and had to postpone a 100 woman event due to recovery “opportunities”. I finally sent out a reschedule notice to those attending and was met with responses of awe for what I said. Their responses helped me to realized that people are used to suffering during “hard times”. We don’t have to do that!. It’s just another time to make lemonade with the lemons. My recovery journey has allowed the meeting of some amazing people. It’s all good! Here’s an excerpt of my notice: “Dear Phenomenal Women: September 8th, I had an accident and had to be hospitalized with some broken bones. The rehabilitation process will take several months and, as a result, the Phenomenal Women Retreat scheduled for October 29th has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 28. 2012…I feel the rescheduled retreat will be even more powerful than October’s because of all the new learning that has taking place within me with the gift of this “accident”. Two weeks of hospital and rehab has allowed me to receive at even deeper levels than I thought possible. I am now at home maintaining my private practice while continuing my recuperating process. Many blessings have already come of it and many more are coming. By April 28, 2012, I will be bursting at the seams to share all of them with you. It is time for the Feminine to go deep into her Phenomenallness and boldly step forward from this new place in strength.”

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