Finding Your Rhythm? Why Personal Sacred Timing Is Important

For the past six months or so, I’ve been off my rhythm. I’ve pushed too far, too fast. Here’s what I’ve learned comes from refusing to honor one’s personal sacred timing in the rhythm of our business and life.

London's Big Ben aspires to keep time.
London’s Big Ben aspires to keep time.

Lesson #1: Carefully build the infrastructure to move forward.

Here I’ve learned to be wary of people, even those I trust, telling me what they think I want to hear instead of what I need to know. Whether it’s a marketing pro I respect recommending new software or a financial advisor making a recommendation, I need to do more research before coming to a “yes.” If my intuition says “it’s too soon,” I need to listen to my internal voice, no matter what the experts say.

Lesson #2: Don’t get in a hurry when things get hard.

When I get in a hurry, I am in overwhelm, and I make mistakes. Usually, these snafus include spending money on technology or assistance I don’t need in an effort to make my life easier. Getting clear about the problem before paying for a solution helps.

Lesson #3: Paying for someone else’s learning curve won’t get it done.

I don’t charge my clients for my learning curves, and I don’t expect to pay freelancers for them if I’ve asked for turnkey services. Enough said. Costly observation.

Lesson #4: Test and Tweak According to Plan.

My business was built on the test and tweak model. Before I recommend it, I test it and tweak it to see how it performs. Recently, I broke this rule in favor of some sexy new software that was supposed to make my life better. It didn’t, and the client I sent too quickly in that direction? She hasn’t cooled off yet. See Lessons #2 and #3. I learned those twice.

The moral of these lessons? There’s only one. Find your rhythm, recognize it, and dance it in. If you don’t honor your limits and your personal sacred timing, the potential for disaster lies ahead.

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