Introducing the First Publication in the Professional Moneta International Feminine Leadership Series

“The True Meaning of Service”

by Sherri L. McLendon


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Free …a conscious business resource for feminine leaders who see right livelihood as an expression of their dynamic creative spirit. “The True Meaning of Service” is a short, dynamic issue focused e-book designed to shift your money mindset, enrich your business, and activate your wealth potential.  Receive Your E-Book Today! 

Get the ‘Networking Magic’ You Need Now

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 In any stage of business development, a networking plan and follow up action steps keep relationship building at the forefront of marketing efforts. In a special issue video series, you can learn about the networking techniques Sherri McLendon used to build her business brand as Professional Moneta International.


When is the last time you attended a networking event? These days, the proliferation of events to encourage the contacts needed for business development is both blessing and curse.  A networking plan does not mean one has to meet a quota or work a formula. Instead, a good networking plan offers a protocol, a process, a specific series of steps needed to move a quality relationship forward.

Learn About My Process Here

Recently, I attended a pay-to-play business building event with about 100 professionals and small business owners. Admittedly and consciously, I offer a limited number of business cards at networking events, as I don’t want to get added to others’ lists without permission. However, I made a personal point of meeting almost everyone in the room and asking them about their work.

Here’s what I experienced.

  • Almost every person I met tried to sell me something on the spot.
  • The meeting was all about them. They didn’t ask about me in return.
  • Others tended to cluster with people they already know.
  • When clustered, they tended not to introduce newcomers to the group.
  • None of my new connections sent a follow up email.

Talk about challenges. When there’s no networking plan, know-how, or process in place, it’s easy to lose track of promising people. That’s one reason I was inspired to offer a special re-issue of “Networking Magic,” a 7 video course designed to share my proven, personal method for “How to Magnetize and Monetize Clients You Adore, Who Love You in Return and Want Space in Your World.”

Thanks to the “Networking Magic” plan, I was able to build new relationships based on generosity, sincere interest and a true desire to be of service to others. In this one instance, I received:

  • Four new, solid client leads to cultivate
  • A handful of “thank you for reaching out” notes
  • Two referral partner coffee dates
  • A dozen great contacts with whom to build relationships
  • Feelings of expansion related to my business
  • The opportunity to share pitch-free resources with others

If “get more clients” is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then this video training may be timed exactly right for you. During the series, I release you from the myth of “not enough” clients to go around, and replace it with a new story of “more than enough for us all.”

You’ll learn specific ways to create an abundance of qualified clients:

  • What you need to know about your clients before you make offers.
  • How to identify your ideal clients before you meet them.
  • How to magnetize and attract your ideal clients with ease.
  • How to make money through a practice of right relationship.
  • The No. 1 thing you MUST do to get and keep clients you adore, and who adore you in return! (This one stellar secret is a huge bonus!)

Happily, the principles shared in “Networking Magic” work across platforms and in person. Learn more about these and other foundations needed for business building success when you Access the Video Series Here.

Top 10 Ways in 10 Days to Bloom and Grow Your Conscious Business 

The Original Moneta E-Book Download, Revised Edition

In this original 2016Top 10 Ways in 10 Days publisher (2)e-book, you‟ll get information you can put to use right away, today and every day for the next ten days.

Yes,  please!

In addition to sharing ways you can develop a Moneta Money Goddess Mindset, you’ll find high value, done-4-you Manifestation Must-Have Handouts and the type of on-the-spot strategic and tactical advice my clients happily pay to receive.

This work is a hands-on workbook encouraging you to respond to the material personally and authentically in order to breathe new life into your spirit-rich business and life.

Inside these pages, learn how to:

  • Access the ancient Roman money goddess, Juno Moneta, to get real life strategies for the 21st century
  • Assess your money goddess mindset and magnify your ability to manifest
  • Become a networking goddess
  • Craft a divine calling card
  • Enhance your emails to multiply peace and prosperity
  • Shift your inner truth to change your outer reality
  • Save save money online
  • Spread news and good fortune to enhance your brand
  • Speak clearly to your clients in ways that resonate
  • Use your intuition to predict your outcomes
  • Work from a heart-centered place to shift negative beliefs
  • Give yourself permission to receive

You may wish to designate a notebook for these materials. Over time, you’ll receive additional, shareable assets to add to the notebook for easy, business building reference.

We’d love to hear your comments and insights or requests for “more!” Simply respond to any email to share your thoughts.


Thank you so much for your commitment as a feminine business leader who sees right livelihood as an expression of a dynamic spirit, and right relationship with money as your right.

P.S. If you’re ready to receive, click this link.


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