Healer, Heal Thyself: Some of the Crazy Stuff about Business I Hear From Healers

As I write this, I know I’ll probably get heat about this post. But I get a lot of calls from healers from all over North America and beyond. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a sort of unspoken code in the way some healers talk and think about money and their business. When I hear these types of things, I learn a lot about the person who’s asked me for help. So here are ten of the commony types of things about business and money I hear from healers, and my take on what those statements tell a business coach about the person doing the asking.FLWR066

Coaches: These are the types of statements which tell you a client is either not the right fit for you, a good candidate for a referral, or a hot potato to be dropped in a hurry. The answer lies in your body’s response to the potential client’s answers, and whether or not you can help address the underlying problem in a specific way.

Before I share my list, I also want to say there’s no judgement about where on the continuum of self and business development someone lies – even if they hold these beliefs as true. Following one’s calling into entrepreneurialism is an intense spiritual journey, and we’re all on the path. The courage that choice takes is always worthy of respect. Rather, this column is meant to be more about discernment: first, looking at underlying, commonly held beliefs about money and business; and second, by learning whether a practitioner-coach relationship is a good fit. A good coach creates opportunities and experiences for her clients to learn and arrive at their truth. So the focus here is on that initial conversation about working together and my own take-aways from those conversations.

Last but not least, these “quotes” are stylized amalgamations of dozens of conversations from varied healers and emails and social media since November 2010. No one quote came from any one place. Lots of persons are looking for the support they need to grow. So even if it sounds a lot like you or someone you know, chances are, it’s not.

Here’s my list of some crazy stuff about business I hear from gifted healers:

1. “My work is just so out of the box, organizational strategies or a step by step approach absolutely won’t work for me.”

With no idea what you want or how to go about it, you’re married to your process, and not serious about systematically growing your business. I’ve noticed healers with this approach also tend to download a lot of pink spoons, assemble or implement that information in a hodge podge fashion.

2. “There is no time or pacing to my program. I can’t structure what I do, because Spirit leads me.”

Trouble communicating benefits and value in an accountable way is difficult when it comes to your work – and the approach and delivery are likely not grounded. If this is a given to the way you work, effectively pitching your offers will be problematic.

3. “I want to heal the planet, so everyone is my ideal client.”

Straight up, you’re not clear about “who” you serve. So your marketing isn’t working, and to make a change, you’re going to have to be willing to narrow your focus.

4. “I intuit what the client wants and needs. So having a clearly defined problem and approach just isn’t for me.”

If you’re unclear about the “big why” behind the reasons people want to work with you, then you’re leaving money on the table. Chances are your clients really don’t know what you’re going do for them enough to value it.

5. “I want to do what I do, live my life, not change a thing, but attract more money.”

Flawed reasoning. You can’t do more of the same, and expect a different outcome. Life doesn’t work that way, and neither does abundance. Regrettably, coaches may find healers in this category sometimes invest in Ponzi style schemes with promises of huge returns. To me, this type of language may also suggest the person doing the sharing is not a potential client or partner, because they have a “hit the lottery” mentality. If I chose to work with them, I’d lead with an offer helping them shifting their money mindset.

6. “I don’t know how to ask for money for a session without offering a discount.”

Usually shows a lack of confidence in your offers, and may indicate you have no idea how to turn your calling into a business that will support you. Internal changes are needed based on the value and worth you provide in service to your clients. Ancestral money legacies may need to be addressed.

7. “I just want to do what’s fun for me.”

This way of working is more about your ego around being a gifted healer, and less about your facilitation of others’ healing process. Whether you’ve considered shamanic shadow work or mindfulness practice may come up in the discussion.

8. “It’s all about my process.”

Regrettably, you’re probably offering a service for your clients, not coming from a place of service to your client. Clients pay for results, not your process. Oh, and chances are you’ve probably not made the shift from wages to hours to experience economy.

9. “I don’t want to work with a coach, because I don’t need help. But let’s have coffee and talk about my business.”

A bootstrapper, you’re not willing to invest in your business, and you’re looking for free advice and relationships which can further your work without true energetic investment. If you have coffee with a business coach, expect clear parameters about the content of the conversation if you try this one.

10. “I barter, trade, discount, and do a sliding scale because nobody has money to work with me.”

Stuck in lack mentality – and there’s nothing spiritual about lack. You’re going to want to shift your money mindset by creating a new belief, and taking an action to hold that new belief as true for you. Chances are, you’ll need accountability and support.

Of course, I could keep going. But I won’t. Enough said for one day.

May abundant blessings be yours,


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