How to Think Abundant Thoughts…

Late in the day, when I’m growing tired, my doubts tend to go around and around,

Stop unwanted thinking and explore connections between focus, spirit and money.

like growling tigers chasing one another’s tails. Sometimes, they tumble out of my mouth or into my dreams, tossing and turning their way into my life, tangling my bed sheets about my feet, and tripping me up. Undoubtedly, a shift is needed. How do I transform the tussling tigers into a clear running stream of abundant thoughts? Each week for the next six, I’ll explore ways to shift self-destructive patterns and increase abundant thoughts.

This week: Use images to focus on what you want to grow.

As a writer and Moneta marketing mentor, I find working with imagery a particular strong way to bring in new avenues for growth and understanding, especially when working with women to create money mindset shifts. As Walter Lippmann suggested in the first chapter of Public Opinion, The World Outside and Pictures in Our Heads, (1929), if a person can see, in his mind’s eye, a new or perceived reality, it stays with them and has the potential to create meaningful transformation in their habits. Through works like Shakti Gawain’s now-classic Creative Visualization, and countless deep meditations, I know this to be an effective technique to access the power of image, using imagination, to create what we want in life and inspire meaningful change originated from within. We literally become the change we see.

The following description of my personal method of working with imagery (often associated with the mental or air realms) in the physical realm is inspired by Claudia Nice’s How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal, and Lisa Michael’s Creation Journaling techniques, I’ve improvised my own hybrid method for focusing energy on my desires.

To focus on what I wish to grow in my life, I build multi-media creation journal pages from a collection of images, original art, personal writings, natural materials, and other found or crafted items. Using a large table, I lay out a wide range of collected items, grouping by color as I work. Then, each emergent page, each with its own unique theme, is collaged instinctively and quickly, working without thinking. My tendency is to leave plenty of white space on either side of the fold so additional layering of meanings can occur in a myriad of forms. Later, when I’m consciously focusing on the theme reflected on a set of pages, I may dance in sacred space, choose an oracle card or randomly open a book to which I feel drawn in order to lend additional information to the collage. I rarely add words which are not my own, choosing deliberately to work with images. Finally, I dance in the new reality.*

Without fail, the results are ‘crazy good,’ so long as I release attachment to the way the new growth occurs. One example of this is in the photo, above, which shows my hopes for the evolution of the higher meaning and purpose of my business. Within 24 hours, an opportunity to grow this aspect with Kendall Summerhawk and her team presented itself, and I took decisive action to make it real. So in a nutshell, this technique absolutely aids in focus, growth, and manifestation. Frequently, some results are almost instantaneous (within one day to a week), while others take shape over time. Only one drawback comes to mind: be careful NOT to include anything you’d like to see go by the wayside. Or you’ll get more of it!

*For the curious, my activation song right now is “Disco Inferno,” and my affirmation song is “More Than A Woman.” I’m not quite certain why Saturday Night Fever moves me the way it does (Bee Gees stand for Business Growth?), but I’m open to interpretations!

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