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“Gratitude Journaling: The Power of the Positive Pen.”

The workshop is Monday, February 5, at 6 p.m EST.

Gratitude expression is known to increase happiness, lessen symptoms, heal emotions, and more. Let’s explore what happens when we express gratitude, and how we might do that in our journals. This promises to be a sweet, heart-soothing installment in the series.

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How to Use Journaling as a Spiritual Practice to Forge Meaning, Manifestation and Transformation through Conversations with the Feminine Leader Within

Writing as an art of self reflection is at once spiritual discipline and practice. Commitment is required to show up on the page fully and unfiltered. Keeping time with a journal often leads women mystics to deeper meanings and higher truths. Many of us have kept journals or diaries for years, processing a range of happenings and emotions. Yet, we fail to mine the dross of worries and cares for the golden nuggets buried within.

Until now.

Over the course of the past 25 years, I’ve accessed and refined a range of techniques for working with the personal journal to reveal next steps, manifest desires, increase income, and more. In a world so chaotic it’s difficult to hear ourselves think, the time has come to share what I’ve learned so that others, too, can move forward from their heart space and personal truth in every arena of their lives.


The Journaling as a Spiritual Practice Series is for those presence-based feminine spiritual leaders who see writing as a path to their higher calling. They may have hit a wall in their creative process and desire to open to divine flow for new direction to come in. Or, they may be wisdom keepers who wish to elevate their journaling practice to a higher level in order to process, claim, and birth new work.

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Whatever the case, they are ready for deeper work through their journaling practice. This class series is for you if you’re ready to

  • Work with the dynamic principle of writing as a spiritual practice
  • Craft containers to access and reclaim deep wisdom you already carry
  • Increase your sense of direction and purpose as you travel life’s sacred pathway
  • Choose tools and timings with intention to energize and uplift the writing process
  • Create increase or break through resistance by clearing blocks to growth
  • Claim a writing practice as an active part of your spiritual service to humanity
  • Work with your journals as “rich” text to abundantly access your inner riches
  • Bring dreams, thoughts, and ideas into the manifest for highest and best outcomes
  • Use your practice as a tool to recover lost aspects of the self, transmute past experiences, and integrate new understandings
  • Hold space and bear witness to others’ journeys and process
  • Workshop your journal to affect outcomes or reinterpret your story

Journaling as a Sacred Practice is underpinned by a daily journaling practice. All participants will receive course materials and resources by email. Classes will be virtual and delivered live, with a replay link available.

The classes, designed to call forth the wisdom within, will be shared second Mondays monthly through June 2018. Support and sharing are encouraged; a closed Facebook group offers opportunity to connect and offer or receive insights.

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The divine feminine journaling techniques included in this year’s journey include:

  1. Image-I-Nation Journaling for manifestation  July 2017
  2. Pathfinder Journaling for Perspective  August 2017
  3. Change Making Journaling for justice and revolutions – September 2017
  4. Torn Asunder: The Divine Feminine Gift of Remembering – October 2017
  5. Story Telling: The Divine Feminine Gift of Healing November 2017
  6. Cultivating Epiphany: Journaling as Witness to Wisdom December 2017
  7. Mandala Journaling: Circles of Peace and Integration January 2018
  8. Gratitude Journaling: The Power of the Positive Pen    Februry 2018
  9. Writing the Way Forward through decision and action
  10. Abundance Journaling
  11. Journaling as Witness, holding space for others’ truths
  12. Dream Journaling as a means to sacred union
  13. Zipang Journaling, returning to the breath to source knowledge

Woven into the fabric of the year will be special knowledge teachings: “deep dives” into selected esoteric  timings or topics to inform study and practice. Each journaling techniques may be used independently, or woven into the fabric of the daily practice.

As increasing numbers of spiritual, magical women step into their personal power, deeply accessing and workshopping select personal writings like these offer a rich tapestry of possibility.

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For this reason, these classes are offered at no cost to women called to Journaling as a Spiritual Practice. The classes will also be pitch free.

By reclaiming the divine, feminine leadership qualities we carry innately, women have opportunity to focus on attention on our soul purpose and mission individually and collectively.

We are the ones we’ve been writing for…



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