Letting the BusYness of BusIness Fall Away

For most of August, I’ve been missing. The last of the summer garden awaits in the refrigerator, my newsletter and blog lie quietly like the first quilts across the foot of the bed to abate the bite of autumn, and my presence is going deeper as I focus on self-care.

I’ve had ‘flu and goo. Taken together, they and the cough have lasted literally weeks.

What I’m learning is sweet and simple. The foundation of a woman’s business is her self-care rituals, especially in matters of food, clothing, movement and the tending of her creative spirit. Without those too-oft overlooked pieces in place, we too easily fall ill.

There’s more than one kind of illness. When we forget to laugh, make time for joy, and look within, we effectively sabotage ourselves, and our businesses. We’ve been too strong for too long. We’ve forgotten how to play.

Sherri nurtures her soul in nature in this candid photo taken by her 6 year old son, Riley, last weekend.

Just before I became ill, my sister-friend Beth Pecoraro stopped by to visit on her way to Sterling College in Vermont, where she’s immersing herself in her writing life. The joy of that one day visit went “click” somewhere deep inside, and I’ve begun noticing all the places where I mistakenly believe strength comes from self-denial. I’ve been giving each of those places within my psyche and soul what they need, when they need it. That means… other things, the busy things, are falling away in prominence.

Yes, I’ll recoup my investment in my health tenfold. Very soon, I’ll ask for and receive more help and support to turn up the volume on my mission and message. I’ll work magic and create miracles. But right now, at a time of balance, I’m paying attention to places where the wheel has more warp than weft, and smoothing the imbalances, returning to Nature and Nurture as direct connection to source.

I invite you to spend some time this week in letting the busyness of your business fall away, too. You may be grateful to see the beauty that’s left at the center. Embrace that beauty, and dance it in.

Let the Busy in Your Business Fall Away

Self care rituals form the foundation of a woman’s business

Return to nature and nurture as direct connection to source

Sherri L. McLendon, MA, OM is a conscious business strategist, coach, and writer in Asheville, NC. She owns and operates Professional Moneta International, specializing in helping exceptional entrepreneurs with a higher calling accelerate their money-making communication strategies and deepen their mindfulness practices in business so they can help more people, grow personally and professionally, and improve their sense of value and worth. Her clients need the expertise and support necessary create the change they want to be in the world and close the gap between their unlimited growth potential and their current limitations.

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

One thought on “Letting the BusYness of BusIness Fall Away

  1. Sounds like you are really tuned in after that lovely visit with your friend, that is wonderful! Your message rings something within me as well. I have been working so hard the last few weeks and haven’t been taking very good care of me. It is what I do when I start a new project; work myself into the ground. I think 2013 is really going to be about balance for me. 2011 was all about creativity, 2012 has been all about writing, and now I want to learn how to bring balance to both of those while also taking good care of myself.

    By the way I love that pic that Riley took of you!

    Peace to you friend,

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