Marketing Public Relations, or MPR, as “Energy Work”

Most practitioners will be able to see how looking at each of the eight marketing-support function of public relations in terms of its
“energized” capacity suggests new approaches to thinking about the flow of information and work. As “energy work” is directly experienced by many Spiritual seekers, the extension of these concepts and principles to marketing and money is an obvious transference of knowledge within alternative, holistic thought and practice communities. Direct experience of the flow of energy in the body paves the way for new thought, feeling, and belief about the flow of information and practice of public relations within those communities.

Thomas Harris, in his book, The Marketer’s Guide to Public Relations, calls public relations which acts as marketing communications by the acronym MPR, or “Marketing Public Relations.” He distinguishes this field from that of CPR, or “Corporate Public Relations.” Following this line of thought, Dennis L. Wilcox, lists eight ways public relations supports or extends marketing objectives. These are from his book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

For my purposes, rather than provide a simple listing (available in any introductory public relations textbook), I have chosen to group the objectives  by their “energized” purpose. The eight functions fall into three sub-groups: Initiating Strategies, which have currency; Activating Strategies, which demonstrate flow; and Energizing Strategies, which increase the stream. In this way of thinking about “energizing” within a receptive model, the flow of information, money, and resources all work together dynamically to create and/or support a sustainable system. In this listing, below, I’ve reduced each function to its specific intention, as that is where its potentiality, and therefore its energy, lies.

Initiating Strategies (Currency)

  • New prospects
  • New markets
  • Releases about products, services, community
    involvement, inventions
  • New plans
  • Establishes expertise

Activating Strategies (Flow)

  • Increases inquiries
  • Generates sales leads
  • Recycled content (sustainable practice of
    reprinting info for prospective clients)
  • Builds expertise
  • Maximizes returns on minor product sales without

Energizing Strategies (Stream)

  • Coverage in News Media
  • Endorsements/Testimonials
  • Paves the way for sales calls
  • Stretches advertising & promotional dollars
  • Leverages authoritative position

To me, this suggests that approaching public relations strategy and tactics from the perspective of energetic flow makes it easier to match the effort to the flow in order to maximize effectiveness and minimize waste.

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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