When it comes to marketing and public relations, we’re friendly, but all business.

Let’s begin with the end in mind. Focus on the objective and build your growth strategy with tailored digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. 

Sherri and her team have successfully built vital, lead-generating online and offline marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and executives with businesses ranging in size from 1 employee to 100.

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Mission-led entrepreneurs and executives must communicate their messages more effectively to the right people at the right time.

Use content marketing to create the positive change we want to see, rather than maintaining the status quo.

We deliver brand stories and relevant content to engage your people, the ones who need your solution to their problem. Combine your industry expertise with ours. Employ the best strategies and tactics from content marketing, digital and social platforms, public relations, email marketing, and more to deliver specific, quantifiable results.

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Lead certified content strategist Sherri L. McLendon, M.A., is a former nationally published journalist and editor and certified email marketing strategist  with a measurable track record of success.

Shouldn’t she be working for you?

Under Sherri’s leadership, the PMI team provides highly adept, niche-tailored content strategy and creation and curation to secure your local-to-global brand influence. Ask about our lean approach to brand newsroom management, distribution, and syndication processes.

A dynamic collaborative partner, project manager, or managing editor, Sherri has worked with in-house corporate, non-profit, and media teams of up-to 20 members. She has also coached more than 1,000 emerging, professional, and academic writers.

Social Media Marketing


Our proven social media strategy generates leads across multiple social platforms, by as much as 350% quarterly over an “industry standard” model used in a previous year. At PMI, actionable social media goals are based on real-time data, feedback and trends.

Let’s determine what works, then do more of it.

  • Ensure daily postings, regular monitoring, and consistent syndication across channels.
  • Our posts for your brand are individually tailored for the platforms on which they appear.
  • New posts are hand crafted for your audience by our content writing team and managed from a private dashboard.
  • Quality, relevant content for your feed is derived from your brand’s online presence, including blog posts, article content, and brand news.
  • Align social posts with sales, marketing objectives for best results.