Moneta’s Fortunate Lessons about Leaps & Boundaries

Most of you following the evolution of Professional Moneta have seen me reach and grow by leaps and bounds. That’s great, if bounds is a verb. But if you’re using bounds as a noun, it means parameters. The most valuable teachings I’m getting from enacting the Moneta work using spiritually aligned marketing principles, the more I learn about boundaries.  The following three lessons are my take-aways about ways the “fortune cookie” crumbles when our boundaries aren’t all they appear to be.

Lesson No. 1: The “They Can’t Afford It” Projection

When I make a decision about what another person can or cannot afford, I’m disempowering them – even if I’m coming from a place of generosity and sincerity. If I lower my price, or discount my services, I take away the other person’s power to step into a more authentic version of themselves. Instead, what I need is to work with women  empowered to take action on their visions, and as I support them  in that action, value what I offer enough to support me in return.

Lesson No. 2: In money is love, love is flow.

I no longer work in trade. This commitment is difficult for me, because over the years I’ve traded with other spiritual women for everything from massage to advertising space. Every so often, someone I love asks me to trade.  I want to help them, I really do, but I can’t. I’ve come to understand that money must flow. In one case, that meant my friend and I transferred money to one another instead of trading: my work as a publicist for a certification class she had coming up. On paper, it looks even. In reality, I was astounded at the amount of divine source energy created simply by flowing the cash between us. Instead of a working capital shortfall, I had everything I needed. The truth dawned: more cash flow – even when it’s even flow – means more opportunity to help others and the creation of more divine source energy available to us all.

Lesson No. 3: Individualized and customized means more value, not less.

At my best when I customize applications of the Moneta work for my clients’ unique situations, I’m noticing this arena is where the shadow side of boundaries creeps in for me. The fact is, clients respect people with great boundaries. So when my client won’t return my assistant’s phone calls, and I pick up the phone myself to make the appointment, I’ve eradicated a healthy boundary designed to make certain my client gets the care and attention she deserves. Or, in another instance, when my client ignores time restraints, or multitasks while on a call with me, another healthy boundary disappears. Though I’m trying to be thoughtful, the result is actually a devaluing of the total experience for the both of us. The fact is, saying “no” empowers my client to receive – and me to deliver – better results.  

These types of lessons are hard to look in the face, especially when we consider that money is an external mirror of our internal landscape. When we take a discerning look at our money, or commit to our business as a natural evolution of our spiritual practice, it means we’re taking a long look at ourselves and how we’re showing up in relationship energetically with others.

Next time I crack open a fortune cookie, I hope it says  “You prosper through equality and right relationship.” I plan to eat every single bit, and enjoy it!

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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