New! Professional Moneta to Include Elemental Oracle as Select Bonus

The quartz pendulum arched an unmistakable “yes” over the deck of cards best suited for Ann, the lovely businesswoman and entrepreneur who had asked me to do a reading for her. So I laid out a half dozen decks of cards, and allowed the pendulum to intuit the best choice.

“The Elemental Oracle,” I mused. “That’s interesting.” 

The Elemental Oracle, a beautiful deck organized around the four elements and spirit,  is the work of my early mentor and dear friend Lisa Michaels.

“Interesting how?” Ann asked. “Interesting good, or interesting bad?” She’d never had a reading before.  Though I know her well, this was the first time she’d expressed an interest in anything “mystical.”

“Interesting good,” I said, and smiled. “Usually I draw one of these daily to inform my day. I’ve never used them to do a full reading before. But there’s a first time for everything.”

I didn’t tell Ann, but there were a couple of other “interesting” factors, too. First, as we say down South, was her status as a “lapsed Baptist.” I knew the Elemental Oracle was accessible to those not on a Goddess path, but I didn’t know how accessible. Second, Ann was in the start-up phase of her new business. I knew this deck to be firmly grounded in the natural world and its teachings, but I wasn’t sure it could provide support for her professional journey. But the pendulum had been clear, so faith and trust were required at the table.

Quickly, I reasoned between choices for the spread, as I wanted to shift Ann’s perspective and help get her “unstuck” around questions of growing her business. A three-card spread, with past, present, and future seemed to fit the bill. Plus, it was easy to communicate the message of each placement, and spend time utilizing the questions suggested by each card, using the Elemental Oracle guide.

Connecting our energies, I called in sacred space and asked for the assistance of Source in creating highest and best outcomes for the reading. Before the process of shuffling, cutting, and dealing, I asked her to think of a question about which she needed more information. It took a moment, but we made certain she was very clear about the question before proceeding.

Once the cards were dealt, we began with the card in the “present” position. As we worked, I focused on actively listening to Ann and to my guides as we accessed the card’s teaching. The guiding questions and the shift in perspectives were quickly reflected in her responses. Placing attention in this way nurtured the emergence of the higher self, and created more opportunity for increasing awareness.

Working with the past, present and future teachings separately – and the way each informs the next in turn – also created new understandings and opportunities to integrate information and synthesize awareness. Each time one of these opportunities emerged, we consciously focused on initiation needs and next steps for activation on a point by point basis. As we worked, I asked Ann to write down her emerging ideas and how she planned to use them when she returned to work on Monday. The result helped dynamically move the stuck places and replace them with forward movement. As we closed the reading, she felt focused, engaged, and enjoyed a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

As a practitioner, I came away from this reading with a new appreciation for the Elemental Oracle and its ability to increase awareness in the world around me. Specifically, I learned it’s absolutely possible and desirable to bring the influences of the Elements to bear in business in order to enhance choices sustaining right livelihood. In business, focus on the process as opposed to destination is counter-productive for the journey. Instead, the key is to begin with the end in mind, then draw a unique map to enable arrival at the destination. The commonality lent by the Elemental Oracle allows the map-maker in each of us embrace and celebrate difference as we co-create the landscape of our life’s work incrementally, one mindset shift at a time.

For these reasons, a deck of the cards and an introductory session using the Elemental Oracle will begin to be offered as a bonus under certain conditions with my newest private VIP day, Sacred Selling.

To consider ordering the Elemental Oracle cards on your own, visit Lisa’s site here.

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

2 thoughts on “New! Professional Moneta to Include Elemental Oracle as Select Bonus

  1. I applaud you for using cards in this way for your Clients Sherri and also encouraging others to do so too. I’ve found no other tool clears a path to clarity better with my own Clients and am now teaching others to do the same. There is a deck of cards out there for everyone and so many ways to use them. I’m thrilled to see your example 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sue. Don’t you offer a gift on your site for those who are interested in deepening their understanding in the use of oracles as a professional therapeutic tool? I’d love it if you’d share the link here. Abundantly yours, Sherri

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