Opt-in Email & The Power of Permission in Spiritual Marketing

These days, I increasingly set a high value on permission to choose what finds its way into my energetic field.

Over the years, I’ve encountered all sorts of energetic transgressions. Circles without appropriate behavior guidelines. Women or men who touch my person, my jewelry, or my altar, without my permission, or those who read my energy or aura or chakras without asking – then try to “fix” me.

Permission shows respect. And respect matters, especially in the way we approach our business in terms of our spiritual life and personal values.

At least once a week someone asks me about getting permission to add someone onto their mailing list. Once a week I formulate my answer. The common theme? Adding everyone you come in contact with to your email list has a low level vibration. Asking permission has a higher level vibration.

Most practitioners want to know if it’s legal to “just add” people. They meet a slew of folks at a networking meeting, or grab some cards off a bulletin board, or upload their personal email list, or have a sign-up sheet at some booth or event or other, and they just load ‘em into their newsletter provider. Honestly, the practice is so dubious, I wasn’t certain it was legal at all. So I looked it up to be sure.

Basically, the document you want to know about if you’re using email to promote yourself or your business is called the “CAN-SPAM.” Like the potted meat product by the same name, it outlines the bare minimum standard for the way marketers can promote whatever lies on the inside of a canned email: no deceptive or misleading headers or subject lines, and a clear way for recipients to opt out. However, I was stunned to learn it does not require recipients to opt in to receive emails at all. Just as there’s a big difference between SPAM and an organic, grass fed New York strip steak, there’s a big difference between just adding people to your list, and asking them to opt-in to receive communication from you.

A double opt-in system is considered best practice among respected professionals. Honestly, I’ve never considered doing anything else, so imagine my shock that the “industry standard” recommended by some “professional” marketing consultants is so low. Low level list building usually means a lot of dead weight, low open rates, a list which won’t support your business growth, and low quality client relationships.

Establishing permission is about establishing a quality relationship.

Let’s consider permission in a spiritual context, the sacred space. In a circle, for example, one asks permission to enter. Coming and going without permission or proper protocol is considered beyond rude. Consider the “double opt-in” as you enter sacred space; usually, it’s from a place of “perfect love and perfect trust.”  Now let’s transfer that understanding.

When asking permission to enter the circle of someone’s acquaintance via email, a double opt-in approach is considered ideal, especially for a spiritual practitioner or conscious entrepreneur. When you ask permission, the client feels nurtured, both by your consideration and your quality of content. They already know what you have to say is relevant to them. The payoff in the quality of client relationships more than compensates for the little bit of foresight it takes to take an extra step in establishing permission. A little permission can go a long way toward establishing a mutual relationship grounded in love and trust.

If you want high open rates, an increased value per client, relationships built on trust and respect, and an enhanced reputation as a consciously aligned professional in your field, an opt-in system is an ethical must-do, no matter who said otherwise. A double opt-in raises the bar, implies excellence, suggests expertise, supports name recognition and enhances branding.

Last bit? Please don’t add me to your email list without permission. I invoke my right to choose.

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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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  1. Thank you for this Sherri and your high standards that are in alignment with the Divine Feminine. I am learning a lot from you in this process of growing my business as I step even more fully into my sacred work.

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