PR isn’t short for press release. system-694525_1920High value public relations practice measurably enhances your brand’s marketing efforts.

Frequently, a PR practitioner shapes news frames and giving facts context from the point of view of the client. This function is called “media relations.”

Great PR practitioners shape brand news before it happens, providing information and context media outlets didn’t even know they needed!

Whether internal or external to your organization, effective PR hinges on the delivery of quality communications or experiences with a specific objective to a chosen, preferred audience to achieve an outcome or generate consensus.

Public relations is a practice, not a tactic.

The range of applications and skill sets similar to those of content marketing – but more specialized.  With the onslaught of “free press release” choices online, everyone thinks they can write a press release that works. Not true. To achieve multi-tiered goals with a single press release, you want to work with a pro. You’ll find examples of public relations projects and press releases in Sherri’s portfolio at

Today, Professional Moneta offers a range of public relations and content tactics to help out-of-the-box entrepreneurs and busy, mission-driven executives:

  • build or protect brand reputation
  • showcase opinion leadership
  • increase shareholder value
  • increase return on investment
  • manage news access in a crisis
  • create demand for clients’ services and products
  • And more!

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