Removing the Limit on Your Actions Imposed by Debt

Debt incapacitates action.

Think about the idea. If there were no debt, there would be no limit on our actions. What could that do for you? What could that do for me?

Yes, I know we have debt. But what if we behaved as though we didn’t? I don’t mean the irresponsible type of behavior which incurs more debt, but clear, responsible direct action which results in the creation of new resources. What could you create if you weren’t worrying about debt? My guess is you could create the resources eliminating your debt.

The same goes for your business. If you weren’t worrying about all the “lack,” you’d have plenty of energy to figure out a new solution to a problem your clients want solved, and are ready to pay for.

Fact is, we believe as a culture if we find ourselves without money, we find ourselves without choices.  But each of us can make the choice to come up with a plan to change our outcomes. We can pay off our debts, but to do that we have to earn.

One of my mentors, Kendall Summerhawk, says that debt is the result of past decisions. In other words, our future decisions do not necessarily have to repeat the same patterns. When we recognize our patterns and make a decision based on our new information, when we take decisive action, we make magic.

Why? Because when we realize our vision by living our soul’s purpose and taking decisive action in the direction of our dreams, we do something transformative. By earning our right livelihood and stepping into our brilliance and uniqueness in a bigger way, we can improve our quality of life.

Ultimately, through our action, we can incapacitate our debt.

Enhancing her original Moneta Marketing signature programs and offers, including Marketing with Moneta Moxie and Sacred Selling, Sherri is currently enrolled in the IAWBC certified coach training program, Money Breakthrough Method,™ where she is learning Secrets to Increase Your Self-worth and Net Worth. ™  

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