Social Media

We’ve Got a *New* Take on Social Media at Professional Moneta

What comes standard, what plan fits your brand, and how to get more of what you want out of socialsocial-media-1989152_1920

Social media starts out as content, either yours or someone else’s. In its myriad forms, it’s made up of text, words, images, photos, graphics, videos, audio, and more.

Your brand’s social media marketing content “mix” refers to ways we get the best combination of content types to build your brand’s influence and showcase thought leadership.

As we build audience, your message gets seen and heard across the web.

Our goal, as always, is to return those persons to your designated website or landing page to engage them further with relevant content that converts them into leads.

But to do that, we need a better plan.

Too often, in my desire to over-deliver, we have provided a range of types of social media content to our clients, but rarely in the consistent fashion that we know works, well, consistently.

Social Media Comes “Standard” On Publication

We’d like to revisit what sets the Social Standard for our clients. In other words, this level of social distribution is what’s provided at first publication for your articles, and it comes standard with all our client articles. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, we check to make certain all your pertinent social accounts are connected properly so that we maximize the potential for no-cost automated distribution each time you publish now and in the future.
  2. Upon publication of any content, we share it as is appropriate across all our platforms.
  3. We send the link to you and/or your team to remind them to personalize and share the content.
  4. As needed, we shorten links for easier sharing and tracking
  5. If you’ve not provided an image for a blog article, we identify great, professional quality representative images that don’t require payment or attribution. We also provide the caption.
  6. The person who hits “publish” is responsible for the sizing of photos. If that’s us, then we do it. If that’s you, we can offer up a free tool to make it easy.
  7. We post at the time of publication and/or at peak times to reach your engaged audiences.
  8. Relevant hashtags, links, tags, keywords, and other devices are added as a best practice, though you may sometimes need to provide those to us.

Social Media Publication that Exceeds the Standard

Now, we’ve added an additional perk to ensure we’re meeting or exceeding expectations. Once you decide you’d like to move forward with us, you get:

  1. A designated management dashboard which allows Professional Moneta to seamlessly publish your awesome content at peak times across platforms – and do more of what’s working best!
  2. Analytics to show you how we’re doing on each platform, and where changes need to be made.

Back in the day, just knowing how to post to a social media account was a whiz-bang-POW! in the publicity department. These days, it takes more. Now, I need you to determine how much more!

With your needs in mind, I’ve designed several ways to move forward with your brand’s social, show below in an easy-to-compare columnar format.

Social Foundations

Build Audience

$497 month


Social Accelerations

Build Engagement

$697 month


Social Leader

Build Currency

$897 month

3 primary platforms

1 posting per day, 7 days


4 primary platforms

2 postings per day, 5 days


5 primary platforms

3 postings per day, 7 days


Do-it-Yourself Live Posting 1.0 hour of live posting each month in ¼ hour increments on the platform of your choice, during peak audience times 2.0 hours of live posting each month in ¼ hour increments on the 2 platforms of your choice, during peak audience times
1 x per week, we post randomly to your secondary social accounts or designated board 1 x per day, we post randomly to your secondary social accounts or designated board 2 x per day, we post to your secondary social accounts or designated board
We combine posts drawn from your original, owned content with our hand-selected, curated posts chosen to build audience. We combine posts drawn from your original, owned content with our hand-selected, curated posts chosen to build audience We combine posts drawn from your original, owned content and/or recycled owned content with our hand-selected, curated posts chosen to build audience; we add new images, gifs, or change up the wording to keep currency, relevance and engagement high
    Posting as you, we get your news or articles on 3 industry-specific groups on Linked In – and customize the message.

Ask us about content recycling and content re-purposing options to maximize your investment in existing content.

The Live Event/Conference: Increase Relevance

Postings during waking hours, balancing promotional content with owned and curated content, hand selected and timed for event audiences. We work with the plan you already have in place, but recommend specially tailored event content in the mix. We begin with 5 pre-event postings over 1-2 days, building momentum through the first day/s of the event with 10-15 postings, then to 8-10 postings, shifting tone and frequency of posts at the close of the conference. We design special posts to:

  • Drive audience to your booth or demo
  • Showcase brand leadership
  • Increase engagement with your team
  • Get your messaging in front of industry colleagues
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Celebrate a business partnership
  • Say hello and goodbye in memorable ways
  • And more!

Additionally, we suggest 2 hours per day of live posting in .25 hour increments, cheering, liking, responding, and sharing collegial content throughout the conference. We follow back the people who follow your brand. You provide booth number/s, on-site photos with names, and hashtags. Complimented by live posting from your team.  $100/hour