The Great Spring Purge 2020: How to Release What No Longer Serves

One of the questions I often ask my clients is this: “what do you need to release in order to make room for the thing you’re calling in.” This year, I’m taking my own advice in a big way.  My inner calling is shifting, and I’m trying to clear enough space to hear my “inside” voice.

Heart Space
Clearing Space to Hear My Inside Voice

Marie Kondo has nothing on me. For the past weeks, I’ve hauled a wide array of stuff, junk, and clutter out of my house. There are:

Bags filled with clothes I no longer wear for whatever reason

Bags filled with files, papers, calendars, and notes going back to the 1990s

Boxes filled with books, school supplies, and random items to donate

Boxes filled with outgrown toys to move on to a range of people and places

Truckloads and carloads of donations have left the station. The front porch has become a staging area for the next load.

My eye has become merciless in its unwavering focus. It is my desire to be unburdened. Over the years, I have agreed to carry burdens for others, to take care of their unfinished business. To store their unfinished projects.

The load has become more than I can bear.

Thus, what my family will later call the Great Spring Purge of 2020. This event has a historical significance and may actually end up in the history books.

Here are the criteria I’m using to haul away piles of stuff that is getting in the way of the life I truly desire and am actively calling in.


If something is replaceable, out of date, the wrong size, or outgrown, it goes to a donation site.

2. Is it VITAL?

If an item is vital to my work, my practice, my heart, if I use it regularly, and if it means something very special to me, it stays – and is put in its rightful place.

3. Is it DONE?

If it’s damaged, worn out, unusued, or just plain old and dingy, trash it. No-one else wants it.

4. Would someone else BENEFIT?

If someone else would benefit from it more than me, pass it on: sell, donate, gift or regift.

5. Does it need REPAIR?

Is it worth the time, energy and money to update, adjust or repair? If so, make a plan to make it so. If not, set it on the curb next to your trash bins.

These tasks are not for the faint of heart. My heartstrings are definitely tugged when I open certain bins to determine what goes. For some of these, I will enlist a buddy for emotional support. After all, it’s hard to let go – not of the things, but of the parts of you they represent.

“I courageously release what no longer serves,” is my mantra.

As 2020 ticks forward one day at a time, I am envisioning a shift for the future in which I choose to dwell. One day at a time, I am creating the change I want to be. After all, wildflowers like me need room to grow and bloom.

What do you need to release in order to create the change you want to be? I’d love to know. Please hit respond to this post to share your thoughts.

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