The Only Thing that Matters

Meaningful content comes from the heart.

“What is in your heart is the only thing that really matters.”

Almost 20 years ago, on a drowsy afternoon of content deadlines, I dreamed about Mary, the mother. This advice woke from my nap. The content of her message is what I remember.

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Image by Karen Nadine from Pixabay.

Whether in business or life, I am blessed as well as cursed with the gift of self-reflection. I analyze feelings, emotions, choices. I tend to analyze each decision, chewing it to tiny bits before moving forward. This makes me an ace of a problem-solver, for my powers of perseverence in this regard are almost unparalleled. But, such a gift is also a hindrance, for the process takes place in my head, not in my heart.

And what is in your heart is the only thing that really matters.

In the past, I have written about the “Feminine Creative Potential and the Magdalene Heart.” I’ve worked deeply with the notion of cycles of reciprocity and why we give value freely in order to receive money and clients. On the Professional Moneta blog, I’ll continue to explore questions like these. For me, there’s personal growth in the inherently personal, more mindful qualities that come with the pursuit of meaningful work as part of a spiritual practice. But you’ll also notice I’m publishing elsewhere: on Facebook, Linked In, and in other forums that more explicitly focused on how to use content to get more clients – and keep the ones you’ve got.

As a culture, we are currently defined by what we lack. My heart tells me there’s a better way. There’s nothing noble or beautiful about lack. Lack makes brilliant people play small, become fearful of loss rather than gain. A focus on lack undoubtedly creates more of the same. It’s a simple rule, but true.

Also simple but true: content creates sustainability in business.

In the past year, the United States has experienced a mass migration to a digital work force, an accelleration that roughly equals a decade of previous years. The world has changed, and we have to change with it. We have to change FOR it.

Content at the right time, in the right place, in front of the right person, is uniquely positioned to change the world.

In the days ahead, you’ll see new developments at Professional Moneta across our business and platforms. The ideas for “what next” are finding their way off the storyboard and into action lists. As in the beginning, you’ll see me testing new content practices and improved delivery platforms on my own business and sharing the results. You’ll see an unwavering focus on how to use content to generate and nurture leads that result in sales. And you’ll see a new focus on better serving specialty niches within the health and wellness field.

What won’t change is our commitment to positive change agency that helps our clients better serve others. We’re keeping our eco-friendly, woman-led, human-first approach to marketing and content. You’ll see us further refining the inbound hybrid business model fully integrates quality content and digital solutions and tools.

The best content created comes from the heart and it matters to the reader. It’s relevant, engaging, and valuable. It creates relationships.

Know that you are in our hearts, and that as always, you matter.



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Sherri L. McLendon, MA, is owner/founder and certified lead content marketing strategist with Professional Moneta, "Content Marketing To Grow Your Business," focusing on creating more leads, more clients, and more money for eco-conscious, green and healthy brands.

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