Templum Iunonis Monetæ

Welcome to the 21st century temple of Professional Moneta.

In homage to the ancient feminine source of abundance, Juno Moneta, we’ve chosen to name the “Home Page” for the original ancient Greek temple site.

Today, “Templum Iunonis Monetae,” is a dedicated place where strong women show up ready to express the divine nature of money through their work.

For now, let’s keep it simple.

  1. Our temple is based on a good foundation, right relationship with our clients.
  2. We offer three pillars of abundance: Conscious Business Coaching,  Spirit-rich Marketing and PR services, and the Priestess Scribe program series.
  3. Crowning the temple are the Moneta and Enheduanna Mystery Schools.


To learn more about Sherri’s foundational work related to right relationship and the sacred, feminine nature of money, check out the blog and the website.

The Three Pillars of Abundance

Conscious coaching – for divine feminine or masculine entrepreneurs ready to grow their business and life with a generative wealth mindset and get-it-done attitude through private coaching or small group programs like these:

sacred selling logo    ideatoaction_19816155800_o  Startups4Upstarts Leverage Your Expertise

Spirit-rich content marketing and PR – here, you can check out examples of our done for you services for clients ready to create a stream of ideal clients who are a great fit


The Priestess Scribe – Sherri offers private writing coaching options, as well as divine feminine techniques for journaling as a sacred practice. The Priestess Scribe’s small group programs cultivate a higher vibration in leadership, focusing on decision- and change-making through inner knowing.

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The Temple Crown

The Juno Moneta Mystery School (Soer Mystica Moneta – Priestess level) changes the ancestral and learned money messages encoded in the body through movement, writing, and chakra energetics. Return to the sacred relationship between women and Moneta. Email moneta@professionalmoneta.com to express interest.

The Enheduanna Mystery School (EN-Scribe – High Priestess level) explores the body as sacred temple. Writing and dance serve as metaphors for the interpretation of deep connection of feminine experience to the divine. This work is for innately creative priestesses committed to radical self-expression resulting in positive personal or political change. Email moneta@professionalmoneta.com to express interest.