You Deserve More. We Create More.

At Professional Moneta, a boutique content marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we deliver the content, public relations, email marketing expertise that you need to grow your business in a digital world. If you need more leads, more clients, and more money, you are in the right place.

We are tired of seeing talented business owners lose money due to bad marketing advice and piecemeal tactics. At Professional Moneta, our singular goal is to ensure that our clients make money with their messaging. We do this in a systematic, integrated manner with an emphasis on inbound systems, quality content and social marketing initiatives.

Yes, we are known for our ability to leverage content that converts leads into clients.  But we know that content won’t work without intuitive design to enhance the customer journey. You’ll find we balance content with design for digital marketing initiatives that measurably return on investment.

We require:

  1. An intake questionnaire and discovery session with the primary decision-maker before getting started
  2. A benchmark assessment of your primary digital and content marketing channels
  3. Onboarding processes for seamless merging with your new team
  4. Contractual agreements based on priorities and Scope of Work documents

You’ll work directly with Sherri L. McLendon, MA, as your lead strategist. She also serves as coordinator of your team of experts who deliver strategic branding, web content & design, public relations, marketing campaigns, and content marketing designed to motivate your clients to work with you.




From logo to font and beyond, we help companies like yours identify and define a clear, visible brand identity that attracts ideal clients and differentiates your value and offers from those in a crowded field of competitors. 



Website Content and Design


Web SpacesWe start with crafting the benefits-driven, call-to-action content that turns leads into loyal customers. Then, we frame it with intuitive, integrated design. The result? Measurable returns on investment. We specialize in highly relevant customer experiences that directly and measurably lead to visitors, relationships and sales.



Digital Marketing & Public Relations


Your digital marketing is designed to return on investment now and over time. You can count on us for:

  • lean, sustainable content marketing strategy
  • digital marketing action plans for resilient business growth
  • managing your brand newsroom and content assets
  • co-creating thought leadership with your exceptional team
  • conducting advertising/media buys online and in print
  • crafting compelling stories and content to grow your business
  • high return press releases and other public relations functions
  • social media management and post creation

Let us help grow your influence and market share with top-tier content!