What’s a Moneta Goddess to-do?

Moneta goddesses are visionaries. We consider a cycle of creation, manifestation, abundance and sustainability to be an underlying principle of the way we work in the world. We vision, and make vision boards. We craft creation journals, and explore new works we’re calling in. We place value on our offerings, and are able to live in accordance with our beliefs.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But the reality is that there’s a missing step. Somewhere between creating and valuing, we have to manifest. And the mainstay of manifestation on my desk is the prioritized to-do list.

The to-do list, used well, has several functions. First, it keeps those of us with a dreamer’s mindĀ focused when deciding what to do next. Second, it allows us to track the ephemera of our existence as it occurs, giving us space to decide where we’ll place emphasis. This ability is one example of replacing judgment with discernment. Third, we can see our progress as we move forward. Finally, it serves as a tool for manifestation, for bringing our vision step by step into existence. A to-do list is a good thing for a Moneta goddess to do.

If you took a look at my to-do list for today, it’s gaining heft due to a round of childhood illnesses my 4-year-old brought home from pre-k this month. So my final observation is personal. My to-do list weaves all my worlds into the fabric of my day, helps me make sense of the disparities and find the accomplishments, no matter how small. From my cough-and-cold induced haze, somehow not feeling very goddess like (for surely Moneta never caught cold from her children), I find this circumstance oddly reassuring.