What’s a Moneta Goddess to-do?

Moneta goddesses are visionaries. We consider a cycle of creation, manifestation, abundance and sustainability to be an underlying principle of the way we work in the world. We vision, and make vision boards. We craft creation journals, and explore new works we’re calling in. We place value on our offerings, and are able to liveContinue reading “What’s a Moneta Goddess to-do?”

Falling into the Money Story Well

Falling into someone else’s money story is a lot like encountering oceanic undertow while swimming an artesian well. Still on the surface, the waters of emotion and money often run deep. When we allow a friend or colleague or client to drag us under, we allow another’s beliefs to distort our perception of reality. Not only do weContinue reading “Falling into the Money Story Well”

Experience Counts: Coffee House Lessons

In today’s experience economy, coffee houses offer a metaphor for success. Their 1950’s beatnik roots offered unique social and artistic performance venues where cutting edge thinkers honed their craft before small, finger-snapping audiences. Today, we can revisit certain of this experience, readily observable in Ginsberg’s poetry of consciousness, Kerouac’s search for soul-centered ecstatic expression, and Audrey Hepburn’s “hip” dance routines. Today, 21stContinue reading “Experience Counts: Coffee House Lessons”