A Call to Wholeness: Solar-Lunar Pathways to Evolutionary Change

The old, patriarchal paradigm as expressed in the U.S. hinges on ideas of dominance and difference. It’s a highly destructive, unsustainable system and many of its citizens’ constant call for a re-evaluation. However, critique itself is destructive. I hope for something less damaging, less polarizing. This idea of being out of balance, or need toContinue reading “A Call to Wholeness: Solar-Lunar Pathways to Evolutionary Change”

Guest Author: Morgan Dragonwillow Reveals ‘Soul Prompts’

I am pleased to reveal the cover for Soul Prompts: Finding and Hearing Your Inner Voice. Soul Prompts is a spiritual writing experience that gives you a direct line to the source of inspiration. If you could communicate with your soul would you? If you could hear what your soul’s plan is for this life,Continue reading “Guest Author: Morgan Dragonwillow Reveals ‘Soul Prompts’”