Aten’s Dance: Autumn and the Rest of the Sun

Saturated with poignancy, the Autumn speaks to us of transformation. In a patchwork of pieces drawn from our lives, we’re drawn into a landscape of our own design. We shift and change, age, alter our perspectives. We become aware of our own innate wisdom and attend our creations. In a word, we are becoming “mindful.”Continue reading “Aten’s Dance: Autumn and the Rest of the Sun”

5 Great Questions to Orient Brand Storytellers

Like any devotee of content, I believe the value of a well-crafted question. That’s why I’ve held onto these 5 great questions perfect for orienting newly minted brand storytellers. Orienting questions are useful whether crafting a pitch for a media influencer or writing a journalistic profile for news or magazine publication.  Without good questions, evenContinue reading “5 Great Questions to Orient Brand Storytellers”