Is Self Doubt Sabotaging Your ‘Infinite Potential?’

Years ago, I had a beautiful picture hanging on my wall, which I enjoyed throughout my pregnancy. It was called “Infinite Potential,” and it simply glowed with the unfolding of new life within the womb of the archetypal mother.  At right is a photograph of Mara Friedman’s original as it appeared in Mountain Astrologer 2003.Continue reading “Is Self Doubt Sabotaging Your ‘Infinite Potential?’”

Joyful Acceptance and a Formula to Greatness

As a spirit rich feminine business leader, I know in my heart that finding our way through the wilderness of life’s confusions makes it possible for us to enter a state of abundance. Nevertheless, my will struggles with acceptance time after time. As a companion to forgiveness, acceptance is a necessary requirement for moving forward in […]