Energizing the 5th P of Marketing

Traditionally, marketing practice tells us there are four “P’s.” It’s a pneumonic device for remembering four strategies: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.  The man who suggested Public relations is the fifth “P” is Philip Kotler, a marketing professor and author. In a widely-cited article in Harvard Business Review, he notes: “Public relations takes longer to cultivate,Continue reading “Energizing the 5th P of Marketing”

Feminine Creative Potential and the Magdalene Heart

The feminine archetype represented by Mary Magdalene is associated with the sex and money dynamic… comprising a part of women’s identity and relationship to money.

In January, She Dreams: An Invitation to Wisdom

In Appalachia in winter, the days dawn with a bright yellow white light that glistens off the damp ground. Snowfall, an invitation to deep insight and inner wisdom, encourages us to shift from planning to doing, from note taking to writing, from inaction to action. As the Epiphany window closes, the door to the nextContinue reading “In January, She Dreams: An Invitation to Wisdom”