Energizing the 5th P of Marketing

Traditionally, marketing practice tells us there are four “P’s.” It’s a pneumonic device for remembering four strategies: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.  The man who suggested Public relations is the fifth “P” is Philip Kotler, a marketing professor and author. In a widely-cited article in Harvard Business Review, he notes: “Public relations takes longer to cultivate,Continue reading “Energizing the 5th P of Marketing”

Hungry Ghosts: What Eats at Us, Eats at Our Money

In Buddhist beliefs, there are six worlds. On the wheel of life, the world of the Hungry Ghosts is the largest of the four forming the actual wheel. The landscape of this shadow world is desolate, written in shades of gray and white, and fraught with yearning. For what we yearn, we may know not. ThisContinue reading “Hungry Ghosts: What Eats at Us, Eats at Our Money”